WATG x Knit with Attitude knitting party

To celebrate being stocked at Knit With Attitude  an eco-friendly and ethical knitting yarn store situated in Stoke Newington. We threw a knitting party and whilst we were there we wanted to find out more about the lady behind the yarns….


  1. Hi Maya! She who Knits With Attitude – who is she really?

She is the one who expresses her attitude through her knitting. She loves exploring the craft and the joy of a new project, but more specifically, she cares about where her yarn comes from and who made it. She’s not just fashion conscious, she’s conscious about fashion.


  1. How did you start with knitting and how did the KWA store idea come up?

My Nan taught me how to knit when I was 4 years old, so I’ve basically been knitting my whole life. The idea to turn this lifelong passion of mine into work came when my family and I decided to move to London. We’ve lived here for a year earlier, and being Norwegian, I was absolutely gobsmacked when I realised that there were only two decent yarn shops in London at the time. I’m so happy that this is not the case anymore. It was normal to believe that knitting was a dying art, however a feisty new generation of on-trend knitters has rejuvenated knitting and made it their own. Surrounded by the most gorgeous fibres and colours, sharing an interest in fair trade and eco-friendly production, it is an inspiration to engage with my customers every day!


  1. How do you source your KWA materials, supplies, products etc?

Honestly this is the major time consumer of mine. I don’t use agencies and personally source everything that we sell in the shop. When I find something that interests me I do a lot of research regarding how the product has been made, by who and where. I stock products from large well known brands and from small independent companies, projects related to help women in third world countries have a special place in my heart, at the same time I try to offer a wide price range suitable for most people’s pockets.


  1. Ethical knitting – means:

That you make sure that when you buy your yarn you are informed about where it was made and by who, and that that someone was fairly paid for their work. Every yarn shop should be able to guide you when searching for the perfect yarn for your next project, I try to make sure that when you visit Knit with attitude, not only do you leave knowing the fibre content and such, you also know how it was made.


  1. Which are the your top 3 best-sellers? Any summer favourites?

The best sellers vary a lot from season to season. I guess there’s no surprise that WATG’s Shiny Happy Cotton is my No 1 this year with its amazing range of fresh colours. During the summer months knitters tend to choose lighter crispier fibres and stray away from heavier and more traditional yarns like wool. Normally cottons and linens become popular, but I also see an increased urge to experiment as soon as the temperature rise. Noro’s Kibou a colourful mix of cotton, silk and wool has been very popular, and also Viking of Norway’s Pure MILK Fiber (yes it is made of milk) is a best seller.


  1. Any good summer spots to knit with attitude in London?

Well, I’m all about public knitting, so I’ll knit everywhere. I actually have to say that the best spot in London (any time of year) is when travelling, on the bus, tube, train, you name it. It is so easy to get stuck in the London traffic and it can take quite a while to get from a to b, knitting, at least gives you a feeling of time not wasted. In the summer, nothing beats park knitting and beer garden knitting. Bring the knitting outside and enjoy the sunshine I say!


  1. Any Gang favourites? (yarn / product / pattern)

Personally I’m currently in love with all the summer tops! Uma, Wanderer, Diana, Ariel and Agyness, I want them all!


  1. You’re based in Stokey – how important is location? Your favourite shops/cafe?

Stoke Newington is important to me on so many levels. First and foremost because it is where I live. I mentioned that we lived in London for a year earlier, and that’s when I discovered Stokey. When we returned it was natural to find a flat in the same area. Stokey is an area with a very strong local community, everyone knows everyone, it’s like a village within the city. At the same time it is a area in constant change, Stokey is vibrant! As a business owner I love being part of a retail area filled with exciting, different and independent shops. You won’t find the usual high street shops around here, what you’ll find is a huge variety of independent shops trading everything from on-trend fashion to vintage furniture. My favourite shop is Of Cabbages & Kings (http://ofcabbagesandkings.co.uk), a gallery/design led gift shop. Their range of jewellery made by UK based artists are brill, I’ve developed a major earrings addiction because of this shop.



  1. What a knitter should have for breakfast?

Whatever she wants, of course! ;)


  1. What’s in your knitting holiday-bag? 

I am currently knitting a stripy cardigan using WATG’s Shiny Happy Cotton! I call it my ”make it up as I go cardi.” I started the sleeves yesterday and I’m hoping to finish it before I go on my holiday so I can show it off :)



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