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Investments of this nature carry risks as well as potential rewards. Please #InvestAware as your capital is at risk.

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Gangstas in the US, Canada and Japan… We're gutted but financial
regulations mean that this isn't open to you at this time.

From the co-founders and CEO

From a small store in NYC to a global network of passionate makers changing the way fashion is produced – it's been mind blowing.

Our next step is to make this movement even bigger! We're aiming to build a massive worldwide brand that extends beyond knitwear to other made-in-the-home fashion categories.

Our community of knitters and fans often ask how to get involved. Here's how. We're working with Crowdcube, the UK's leading equity crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to get involved with the businesses they're passionate about. On the platform you'll find loads more information about Wool and the Gang and our plans for future growth and a forum for your questions. We couldn't have grown the way we have without you, and we want you to join us on our next journey.

If you're excited about our brand vision, love making or just want to make the world a better place, then invest now and join our revolution!

Aurelie Popper, Jade Harwood Co-founders and Lisa Rodwell, CEO

At the of Wool and the Gang

Bye bye factory-made fashion

We've cut out the factories. Instead our community of makers create the products. We believe it's important that you know who made your clothes.

Our social knitwork

The Gang's a social bunch. They share their knits, learn online and spread the word to get more knitters on board. There's a lotta love.

Knitting is the new yoga

Making fashion feels good. It's also good for your health and your mental state, you'll get a healthy glow guaranteed once your project is complete.

Digital detox

Did you know that there are now more than 55 million knitters in Europe and the US alone? The word is out. ‘How to knit' was the 5th most googled ‘How to' last year. From online to offline, with your help, we can get the whole world making!

Sourced with care

We believe in transparency throughout the production chain. Our collection has been hand-knit, from the home – so you know exactly what's going on, from sheep to closet!

We love alpacas

Alpacas are rock stars. Enough said. When we hit our goal we promise to post more alpaca pics.

Meet Our Gang

Wool and the Gang has assembled a killer team of 25 experts in fashion, tech development, marketing and operations, and a proven track record at companies such as eBay, Yahoo!, MOO, Alexander McQueen, and Farfetch.

1. Lisa Rodwell, CEO / 2. Aurelie Popper, Creative Director & Co-founder / 3. Jade Harwood, Creative Director & Co-founder / 4. David Dawson, CTO / 5. Lena Lindstrom, Head of Product / 6. Ashleigh Tennent, Marketing Director / 7. Simon Noall, VP Operations

These guys shared the love

It is like they have reinvented an entire craft for a whole new generation.

The Telegraph

Knitting is the BOMB @woolandthegang

Cara Delevingne

These sustainable, never-factory-made pieces will make a statement on the streets, on Instagram, and beyond.

Refinery 29

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our next adventure

Our vision is to change the way fashion is produced – with love and care, by people just like you. It's happening fast and we want you to come along for the ride! So whether you're a maker who wants their craft to change the world, or maybe you just like the sound of what we're doing, then support us. There's oodles of info over on Crowdcube, which explains how it works and what our plans are. It's super easy, and before you know it, you could own shares in our fast-growing business. Go on, let's make magic happen!

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Investments of this nature carry risks as well as potential rewards. Approved as a finacial promotion by Crowdcube Capital Limited, which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 650205)