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Bruno The Polar Bear

$49.00 $39.20 Level / Intermediate
PDF + Printed Pattern
  1. Colour

    Crazy Sexy Wool

    • Mustard Sally

      Mustard Sally

    • Midnight Blue

      Midnight Blue

    • Rocky Grey

      Rocky Grey

    • Margaux Red

      Margaux Red

    • Ivory White

      Ivory White

    • Lipstick Red

      Lipstick Red

    • Candy Red

      Candy Red

    • Tweed Grey

      Tweed Grey

    • Space Black

      Space Black

    • Moss Green

      Moss Green

    • Hot Punk Pink

      Hot Punk Pink

    • Cloudy Blue

      Cloudy Blue

    • Dragonfly


    • Zoot Suit Blue

      Zoot Suit Blue

    • BIg Bird Yellow

      BIg Bird Yellow

    • Bordeaux


    • Sherpa Blue

      Sherpa Blue

    • TV Static

      TV Static

    • Purple Haze

      Purple Haze

    • Rusty Orange

      Rusty Orange

    • Pink Lemonade

      Pink Lemonade

    • Wonka Brown

      Wonka Brown

    • Fireball Orange

      Fireball Orange

    • Emerald Green

      Emerald Green

    • True Blood Red

      True Blood Red

    • Ultra Violet

      Ultra Violet

    • Magic Mint

      Magic Mint

    • Cinnamon Dust

      Cinnamon Dust

    • Curasao Blue

      Curasao Blue

    • Green Lagoon

      Green Lagoon

  1. Pattern - Language

    Bruno The Polar Bear Pattern

  1. Would you like a ball of cotton for the eyes?

    Shiny Happy Cotton

    • Yellow Brick Road

      Yellow Brick Road

    • Land Of Oz

      Land Of Oz

    • Purple Haze

      Purple Haze

    • Lipstick Red

      Lipstick Red

    • Vintage Blue

      Vintage Blue

    • TV Static

      TV Static

    • Pink Lemonade

      Pink Lemonade

    • Magic Mint

      Magic Mint

    • Coral Crush

      Coral Crush

    • Out of Space Dyed - Breathing Space Blue

      Out of Space Dyed - Breathing Space Blue

    • Out of Space Dyed - Space Cadet Colours

      Out of Space Dyed - Space Cadet Colours

    • Out of Space Dyed - 101 Spots

      Out of Space Dyed - 101 Spots

    • Ultra Violet

      Ultra Violet

    • White Noise

      White Noise

    • Cloudy Blue

      Cloudy Blue

    • Eagle Grey

      Eagle Grey

    • Nude Pink

      Nude Pink

    • Army Green

      Army Green

    • Fern Green

      Fern Green

    • Powder Blue

      Powder Blue

    • Red Ochre

      Red Ochre

    • Perfect Peach

      Perfect Peach

    • Midnight Blue

      Midnight Blue

    • Naked Blue

      Naked Blue

    • Timber Wolf

      Timber Wolf

    • Cinder Black

      Cinder Black

    • True Blue

      True Blue

    • Blue Water

      Blue Water

    • Hot Pink

      Hot Pink

    • True Blood Red

      True Blood Red

    • Yellow Mellow

      Yellow Mellow

    • Brick Red

      Brick Red

    • Ivory White

      Ivory White

    • Jog Grey

      Jog Grey

    • Out of Space Dyed - Far Out Pink

      Out of Space Dyed - Far Out Pink

    • Spearmint Green

      Spearmint Green

    • Vitamin C

      Vitamin C

    • No Thanks
  1. Crochet hook 8mm

    Rosewood Crochet Hooks

Adding to cart...

This kit requires a 8mm hook for Bruno and a 5mm hook for the eyes, if you don't have these in your stash you can add them to your kit using the drop down above.

Say hello to our super-cute Bruno the polar bear, made from our sustainable 100% Peruvian Crazy Sexy Wool, he makes a friendly addition to any family.

He makes the perfect gift for little Gangstas, big Gangstas, so grab your hook, choose your colour and get crocheting!

We have used our Shiny Happy Cotton for the eyes, if you would like to use this to add eyes to Bruno, be sure to add a ball to your kit using the drop down above.

Due to the fluffiness of our super soft Crazy Sexy Wool, and the embroidered eyes, we don't recommend these for babies or very small children.

Measurements Height: 21cm/ 8.5” Length: 31cm/ 12”

  • Material: Crazy Sexy Wool
  • Stitches: Single Crochet
  • Level: Intermediate
  • 2 x Crazy Sexy Wool
  • 1 x Bruno The Polar Bear Pattern
  • 1 x Shiny Happy Cotton
  • 1 x Crochet Hook (Size: 5mm)
  • 1 x Rosewood Crochet Hooks (Size: 8mm)
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