Our top 10 gifts

Give the gift of making with a Wool and the Gang DIY kit. Here are our top ten gifts ideas for that special someone.

1 01 lil snood

Lil' Snood Dogg

From $34.75

Put a little hip in your outfit and a hop in your step with our Lil' Snood Dogg. Great for guys and gals, this Crazy Sexy Wool snood will keep you snug.

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2 02 happy daze beanie

Happy Daze Beanie

From $32.75

The perfect gift for your bessies, the Happy Daze Beanie is fun to make and the pattern includes three techniques so you can make each one unique.

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3 03 fearless cardigan

Fearless Cardigan

From $95.00

The super cosy Fearless Cardigan is super quick to knit up and the soft, drapey style makes it the perfect treat for yourself or someone very special.

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4 04 koselig blanket

Koselig Blanket

From $219.00

Meaning 'cosy' in Norwegian, the Koselig Blanket certainly lives up to its name! Knitted in our chunky Crazy Sexy Wool using an elegant herringbone stitch pattern, this is the perfect blanket to chill and watch netflix under.

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5 05 double trouble jumper

Double Trouble Jumper

From $70.00

The ultimate layering piece, this open cross back jumper is knitted up using Wool Me Tender yarn; a super soft and chunky yarn from Peru.

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6 06 hold tigh clutch

Hold Tight Clutch

From $49.00

A perfect compliment to any outfit, the Hold Tight Clutch is big enough to fit your phone, keys, wallet and more! You’ll never want to let it go.

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7 07 me time scarf

Me Time Scarf

From $34.50

Take some time out from everyday stresses and enjoy some 'Me Time' whilst knitting yourself a winter warmer. Designed to help you knit your way to inner zen, this beginner self-striping scarf will have a positive impact on your wellbeing and mind-health.

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8 08 off the wall

Off The Wall Hanging

From $25.00

Add a boho-inspired charm to any space with the Off the Wall Hanging, and it can be knotted together in just 4 hours!

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9 09 rock a hula cowl

Rock a Hula Cowl

From $26.50

With its simple shape, interesting stitch details and knit up in our Wool Me Tender yarn, the Rock a Hula Cowl is a must have winter accessory.

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10 10 foxy roxy

Foxy Roxy

From $123.00

This all-time favourite is super easy to make, and super snug to wear! A real Wool and the Gang classic that will please anyone.

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Gift card xmas2014

Or.. why not play it safe with a WATG Gift Card?

From $25

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