Mock fisherman's rib

A pretty pattern that's fun to knit - we'll show you how to

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In this easy to follow video tutorial we will show you how to knit mock fisherman's rib stitch. This highly textured stitch is perfect for a variety of knitted items, such as sweaters, hats and scarves. The stitch is double sided, so it looks great no matter how you wear it. One side has smooth vertical lines while the other has a deep crinkle effect. The yarn used in this video is Crazy Sexy Wool in Magic Mint. Tip! Remember to push the stitch off the needle after you have carried out the stitch - otherwise you will end up with too many stitches.

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Step By Step

1 mock fisherman's rib


Here, we're working over an uneven number of stitches. Row 1: Knit all stitches.

2 mock fisherman's rib


Row 2: Purl 1 stitch.

3 mock fisherman's rib


Insert the right needle through the middle of the stitch directly below the next stitch on the left needle.

4 mock fisherman's rib


Wrap the yarn and complete as a regular stitch.

5 mock fisherman's rib


Repeat steps 2 to 4 until you have a single stitch left on your row.

6 mock fisherman's rib


Purl the last stitch.

7 mock fisherman's rib


Repeat these two rows for the pattern. One side has a crisp rib pattern, the other side has a crinkle effect. Either side can be used as the right side, depending on the design.

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