Knitting flat with circular needles

Circular needles are great when knitting larger flat pieces, here we show you how to

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Circular knitting needles are great for more than just knitting in the round, they can also easily be used to knit flat as well. The long cable is well suited to having a large number of stitches on the needle as they can move freely along the cable. This means that it works well for projects such as blankets, sweaters, button bands and scarves. So next time you're working on a larger piece, such as a sweater, why not try knitting with cirulcar needles?

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Step By Step

1 knitting flat circular needle


Circular needles aren't just for knitting in the round - they are also great for knitting flat pieces.

2 knitting flat circular needle


Cast on your stitches. Let the stitches slide onto the cable.

3 knitting flat circular needle


Hold the needle end with the stitches in your left hand and the empty end in your right.

4 knitting flat circular needle


Work across all your stitches.

5 knitting flat circular needle


To work the next row, swap the needle ends around so the working yarn is attached to the needle in your left hand.

6 knitting flat circular needle


Continue as pattern requires.

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