How to make a pom-pom

Find out how to make the perfect accessory: the pom-pom!

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Making a pom-pom is fun and easy. Grab your yarn, we recommend using Crazy Sexy Wool, and follow the instructions to make the perfect accessory. They make perfect presents, bag charms and much more. And they're fluffy, what's not to love?

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Step By Step

01 pompoms


Cut two circles of cardboard that measure 7.5cm/3" in diameter, with a 2.5cm/1" hole in the middle.

02 1 pompoms


Cut a length of yarn and wrap it around the cardboard circles.

02 2 pompoms


Continue winding yarn around the cardboard circles until the cardboard is covered and the hole is filled in. When the first length of yarn runs out, simply add a new one!

03 pompoms


Now before we go any further - things are now likely to get very fluffy! Make sure you're in a place where it's easy to clean up the left over clippings.

OK ready? Then grab a pair of scissors and cut the yarn between the two pieces of card around the edge of the circle.

04 pompoms


Tie a strand of yarn between the two cardboard circles and fasten with a tight knot.

05 pompoms


Remove the cardboard circles by cutting them.

06 pompoms


Tidy up your pompom by trimming the shape with scissors. What you do next is only limited by your creativity!

Sew your pompom to the top of a hat with the long tails, or trim them short to use as a decoration. Pom Poms are super popular as bag decorations too!

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