Casting on over a cord

A really fun technique that creates a decorative finish, a great one to learn if you enjoy making necklaces

Facts & handy tips

A while back, Wool and the Gang partnered with textile students at the iconic London fashion school Central Saint Martins to design jewellery using our Jersey Be Good yarn, made from fabric roll off-cuts from fashion factories. This tutorial show you how to cast on over an existing piece, a a great technique that causes a decorative effect. Used in our Sheeba Strand necklace.

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Step By Step


Have your Scooby Cord ready and make a slip knot and place on the left needle.


Cast on one stitch using the cable cast on technique.


Place these two stitches on the one end of the Scooby Cord.


Cast on your Scooby strand, arranging them evenly. The necklace now becomes your left hand needle.


Now repeat these steps until the end of the Scooby strand.

This is how you do it

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