Joining a new color

Find out how to make your crochet piece pop by adding a new color

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Changing color in your crochet project can be a lot of fun, whether you are using large stripes or pops of contrast. In this step by step video tutorial we will show you how to change colors at the beginning and in the middle of a row.

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Step By Step

01 step2 new colour


To add a new colour at the beginning of the row: Work the last stitch of the row with the old colour, turn your work.

Cut the old yarn and pull on the last stitch until the end pops through, like in the image example to the left.

02 step3 new colour


Insert the hook into the first stitch, scoop up the new colour and pull it through. You now have a loop of the new colour on your hook.

03 step4 new colour


Work with the new colour to make your turning chain.

05 step5 new colour


Continue working with the new colour.

06 step1 new colour mid row


To add a new colour in the middle of a row: Add the new colour on the stitch BEFORE where you want the colour change.

Start your stitch in the regular way using the old colour, but stop before working the final wrap-around:

Insert the hook, loop your yarn, pull the yarn through and then stop!

07 step2 new 20colour mid row


Loop the new colour around the hook, leaving a long tail.

08 step3 new colour mid row


Pull the yarn through the remaining two loops to finish the stitch.

09 step4 new colour mid row


Continue working with the new colour. And that's it! Hope you had fun learning how to join a new color to your crochet project. Keep exploring our 'how to' tutorial videos to pick up new skills!

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