Maiami Sweater

Advanced knitting kit

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Circular Needles - 10mm/US15 Length: 100cm/40
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Circular Needles - 15mm/US19 X 100cm/40
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Designed exclusively by Berlin-based brand Maiami, this sweater is inspired by legendary TV show Miami Vice. This make-your-own mohair wonder is an advanced level, and uses two strands for double the fluff. Maiami’s signature style uses a base neutral colour to create that magical melange effect, we’ve used ‘Snow White’ which is your colour A and runs through the whole sweater. Now, add shades and hairspray and you’re good to go!


Maiami was founded by Maike Dietrich in 2004 and shares many of the same aspirations as Wool and the Gang: to modernise traditional crafts in a sustainable and relevant way. Maike’s dedication to the craft of knitting, as well as her exceptional eye for design, has created a brand that is not only grounded by strong ethical and environmental standards but is known and loved for its signature colour combinations and modern silhouettes.

Click here to see Maiami’s top tips for knitting with Mohair.

Size & Fit
Size 1 - 6, model is wearing size 2

Time to make
16 hours


4 - 5 balls of Take Care Mohair in colour A (depending on size)
2 - 3 balls of Take Care Mohair in colour B (depending on size)
2 - 3 balls of Take Care Mohair in colour C (depending on size)
1 - 2 balls of Take Care Mohair in colour D (depending on size)
1 Maiami Sweater pattern
1 set of 10mm (US15) circular knitting needles 100cm/40’’ (optional)
1 set of 15mm (US19) circular knitting needles 100cm/40’’ (optional)
1 sewing needle

Yarn details
This kit is knitted with our Take Care Mohair, a fluffy, warm and light diamond fibre from the heart of South Africa with a soft halo.

100 metres/ 109 yards per 50 gram ball. Aran/Worsted

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Made by the Gang