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To celebrate earth day and our natural dyeing project with Poppy Okotcha, this pattern has been made free for a limited time. We recommend using Shiny Happy Cotton in Ivory White or White Noise or Billie Jean Yarn in Ecru White for these crafty creations. Get your green mitts on them while you can!

Call off your search for the wear anyplace, anytime jumper. Just knit it yourself why don't you? Julia's an easy kit, and has got that slouchy, sophisticated thing going on.

Size & Fit
Size 1 - 6, loose fitting

Time to make
24 hours

Once you've completed this pattern you'll master
Cable cast on, stocking stitch, moss stitch, increasing, casting off, vertical invisible seam technique, horizontal invisible seam technique and perpendicular invisible seam technique.

You will need: 7 - 9 x balls of Shiny Happy Cotton (depending on size) and 1 pair of knitting needles 6.5mm/US 10.5

Made by the Gang