Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a freelance graphic designer living in London. I studied Chemistry at University before changing career paths completely and following my dream of being a designer. Online, I spend a lot of time talking about sustainable fashion and feminism, according to some sources fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil so it’s an important topic to discuss in the context of saving the planet.

In my free time I love doing all things creative; whether that’s cycling out to town to go drawing, painting or knitting with friends or spending time haunting museums, watching cinema or theatre, or going to see a band live. I also like to go charity shopping: it’s like a treasure hunt, whether I find anything or not, it’s always interesting. My favourite colour is orange and my favourite food is pizza (Neapolitan style, please).

What are three random facts about yourself that most people wouldn’t know?

1. I love music, I can’t work in silence; I’ve always got the radio going or I’ll put on something from my record collection. I even joined a gym so I could spend more time just listening to music without interruption.

2. I was once on Japanese TV when I was 13. I was in a small segment on a local news channel after I took part in a project planting trees to re-establish a forest. I was also in a Japanese magazine after conducting an interview with the mayor of Yokohama for my school newspaper.

3. I’m a published poet; the less said about this, the better.

Who taught you how to knit?

My mum! I can’t remember exactly when but she’s been knitting jumpers and scarves for me since I was little. Every time she taught me I would forget and she’d have to teach me again. I finally re-taught myself a couple of Christmases ago as I wanted to make knitted gifts for all my family and friends.

How does knitting help you?

I got back into knitting last year when I was living alone in Italy: I didn’t know anyone, it was cold and wet most of the time and I had no wifi. My mum sent me some yarn to cheer me up and it worked! Knitting is also a great way to relax and calm down, it’s nice to sit and focus on a couple of rows, it’s almost like meditating (but meditation doesn’t make jumpers so that’s 1-0 to knitting)

Do you remember what your first finished knit was? If not, what project have you been most proud of?

The first thing I remember making and wearing out of the house was a hot pink crochet beret that I made when I was 16 (cringe!). I was at an age when I wanted to start following the trends but I didn’t have any money so I started getting creative at home and learning to make my own clothes. I learned how to sew, knit and crochet and I haven’t looked back since!

What’s on your knitting wishlist?

I’ve got my eye on the Ra-Ra Raffia kits, especially the Paper Gangsta Bag; I love basket bags in the summer so it makes perfect sense to make one. Then I can use it to carry all my other knitting and crochet projects.

What’s your favourite stitch and why?

The knit stitch; I love that you only need to learn one stitch to get started with knitting. It’s so exciting to make things and with knitting it’s so easy to get started and see results. It’s a brilliant feeling, making something yourself and then being able to wear it, it’s so much more rewarding than buying something.

Ron McQuade

If you’re not knitting, what are you doing instead?

I’m probably exploring London by bike, rummaging through the local charity shop, at the gym or eating pizza. I also love to draw and paint and occasionally sew my own clothes, anything creative really.

What’s your top knitting tip?

Pay attention to tension! Every time I’ve come across a problem with my knitting the answer has been bad tension. Always do a tension square before starting a project and pay attention to areas of inconsistent tension, I has most trouble with edges.

What’s your favourite place to knit?

The question isn’t, where DO I knit, it’s where DON’T I? I take my knitting everywhere, I knit on the tube and the bus, and I crochet on flights. I take my knitting to the pub (although it’s difficult to drink wine and knit concurrently) or just settle in for an evening of Knitflix and Chill. Although most of the time I knit at the kitchen table, getting a few rows in throughout the day.

What’s your favourite WATG piece?

My favourite piece that I’ve knitted so far is the One Sweet Sweater; it was my first jumper and I love the colour and the unintentionally long sleeves, it’s a real statement piece. Plus Tina Tape Yarn is absolutely beautiful, to whole thing is so soft and silky to touch.

What’s your favourite yarn to work with and why?

Of the yarns I’ve tried I like Billie Jean best, cotton is easy to work with because it doesn’t slip and slide and the knitting/crochet that it produces has great body. Also, I adore that Billie Jean is made of recycled denim, sustainability is so important to me and I love that I can knit with a clear conscience.

Flash Round:

Knit or crochet? Knit
Coffee or tea? Coffee!
Netflix or Audiobooks? Netflix
Knit or Purl? Knit
Sheep or Alpaca? Alpaca
Jumpers or Cardigans? Jumpers
Chunky or Fine? Fine
Neutrals or Bolds? Bolds
Knit for yourself or others? Me! (sorry fam)
Summer or Winter? Summer

Want the chance to be featured in our Meet the Maker series? Simply use the hashtag #woolandthegang when you post pics of your WATG knits and we’ll be in touch :)

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