First there was Crazy Sexy Wool. Soon, Shiny Happy Cotton came along…so let’s take a closer look at our classic year-round yarn.

When it comes to knitting, wool usually steals the show. After all, even Wool and the Gang’s story started with our first love, Crazy Sexy Wool. The Peruvian beauty stole our hearts and our needles – she was bouncy, easy to work with, and oh so soft. Keeping us warm during those chilly winters, we admit it – we spent many a night cuddled up to her next to the fire. Can you really blame us?

… But it’s not all about wool you know. Knitting’s no winter sport after all – It’s a year round kinda thing. So 9.5 years ago, we started to search for a new yarn to grow our little family of two (it was about time Crazy Sexy Wool got a little brother or sister!). But it wasn’t easy – we couldn’t just add any yarn to our little Gang. We needed to find a fibre that brought something new to the table.

The search for our newest bundle of joy brought us to the sunny, fertile soils on the North Coast of Peru. It was there that we found Shiny Happy Cotton (aka the happiest yarn around), and the next chapter in our saga truly began.

In ancient times, Peruvians believed that cotton was like fragments of cloud fallen to earth to clothe the people in the land of the Incas – a gift from their gods. It was seriously that soft. These days, Shiny Happy Cotton spends it’s days soaking up the sun, before being hand picked by our awesome team over there. The cotton is then de-seeded and cleaned before being spun into the 100% pima cotton yarn we all love so much.

A real life rainbow, Shiny Happy Cotton comes in over 40 shades – from brights, neutrals, self-striping shades, and everything in between. Soft and sleek, with a beautiful drape, our cotton yarn is perfect for warmer months. So when you’re ready to put down that warm wool and opt for something a little lighter, cast on with this 100% pima cotton gem. Trust us, with Shiny Happy Cotton – it’s instant happiness guaranteed. Now put on Shiny Happy People by R.E.M. and get knitting!




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