Wool and the Gang all started with one pretty amazing yarn. Soft, bouncy and ever-so-chunky, our little known yarn called Crazy Sexy Wool has quite the story.

10 years ago, we dreamed that Wool and the Gang would be centred around creativity, craft and community. We wanted to focus on the experience of knitting, while being a cheerleader for both the people in the planet.

Our story quickly became all about sourcing the highest quality of materials, with minimal environmental impact, from happy places. So we set off on a search for a yarn soft to the touch, forgiving of mistakes, speedy to knit and super chunky. It all started with a little known yarn called Crazy Sexy Wool. And after a google search and a few ropey Skype calls, Peru became our next destination.

In the highlands of Peru, we met with wool experts who work directly with family-run farms across the land. Here, the places, the people and the land itself are moulded by an ancient legacy. The women stroll around proudly in their traditional costumes of brilliant colours, staying true to their INCA roots. In this peaceful place where time seemed to stand still, we knew we’d found the perfect collaborators for Crazy Sexy Wool.

Today, 1,000 workers (and about a whole lot of sheep!) are involved with the production of our ever-so-chunky wool. With nicknames like Panchita, Yura and Angel, each sheep on these rich lands produces 1.8 kgs yarn (that’s about 9 balls of Crazy Sexy Wool). From there, the community works to spin the nice fluffy stuff (aka yarn fibres) and dye the wool until we’re left with the bouncy ball of yarn we know and love.

Crazy Sexy Wool is soft, chunky and 100% cosy. Made for speedy knitters and ultimate beginners – our flagship fibre happens to have a few amazing qualities: it’s natural, renewable, and biodegradable!  It’s also breathable, stretchy, made to last, easy to care for and comes in amazing colours!


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