To kick start the New Year, we want to get to know our gang of knitters a little more. This year we’ll be sharing your stories and general awesomeness in our Meet the Maker series. First up we have Niree Noel: a freelance writer who knows her way around a pair of knitting needles – big time.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a freelance writer and editor, originally from Los Angeles but currently in New York.

What are three facts about yourself that’ll surprise us!

I’ve been playing classical piano since I was a few years old. English is my second language (Armenian is my first). I love puzzles of all kinds.

Who taught you how to knit?

My grandmothers. And YouTube.

Why do you knit?

I wrote about this for Allure, but I developed very serious anxiety in my early 20s. When therapy, yoga and even meditation didn’t help, my mom suggested that I try knitting. Counting stitches and rows forced a focus, and the repetitive motion became a meditation in its own right. Knitting saved my nerves (and rapidly dwindling eyebrows/eyelashes!).

What’s your favourite Wool and the Gang knit?

My Needed Me Cardigan in Take Care Mohair is so soft. So warm. Such a great colour. A+ all around.

Do you remember what your first finished knit was? If not, what project have you been most proud of?

My first item was a very, very long (and very, very purple) garter stitch scarf for my good friend Jenn’s 16th birthday. I remember frantically trying to finish it while sitting in Sophomore English class with our teacher Mrs. Hayes casting odd looks at me from her lectern — was I allowed to be knitting in class? I wasn’t sure, but was doing it anyway…

What’s on your knitting wishlist?

Despite having a literal suitcase stuffed to the brim with yarn, I have an ever-growing wishlist of yarns to buy and try: YOTH, Autumn & Indigo, Woolfolk, Brooklyn Tweed are among a few. I also have had my eye on the Cable Bomber in Cameo Rose or Ivory White. Oh, and I can’t forget that very expensive solid wood ball winder I just discovered that I think I just may need…

What’s your favourite stitch and why?

I always forget how much I love Seed Stitch, but Herringbone is a close second, especially when made on super bulky yarn.

What’s your top knitting tip?

Make a center-pull ball if possible. I’m so impatient to get started on projects, I used to pull from the skein, or hand wind and have the ball rolling all over the place. Getting a proper swift and winder has been a game changer.

If you’re not knitting, what are you doing instead?

Reading, meandering, baking, gardening.

What’s your favourite place to knit?

In my bed, next to the window, with a cup of coffee. Bonus if there’s a dog around, or snow falling on the ground.

What’s your favourite yarn to work with and why?

This is a difficult question to answer, I have so many. I tend to fall more in love with yarn throughout the knitting process, particularly when paired with a perfect project. Most recent standouts include Madeline Tosh’s ASAP, Purl Soho’s Worsted Twist, and Amano Yarns Ayni, although Crazy Sexy Wool is one of my earliest loves.


  • Knit or crochet? Knit

  • Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning, tea before bed.

  • Netflix or Audiobooks? Netflix.

  • Knit or Purl? Knit.

  • Sheep or Alpaca? Sheepaca :)

  • Jumpers or Cardigans? Cardigans forever.

  • Chunky or Fine? Chunky.

  • Neutrals or Bolds? Neutrals.

  • Projects for you or for fam? // Knit for yourself or others? Always for others.

  • Summer or Winter? Winter!

Want the chance to be featured in our Meet the Maker series? Simply use the hashtag #woolandthegang when you post pics of your WATG knits and we’ll be in touch :)

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