We’ve got the ultimate Christmas project for you! Knit your own stocking and hang it on your fire place or fill it with all your festive goodies and give it as a present.

The Rockin’ Stocking is available to download for free, so you can get knitting straight away! For the full pattern details, grab your copy of the pattern here. We will run through the basics so you can follow along and make sure you’re on track. The stocking is knitted flat and then seamed together at the end.

Time to make: 3 hours

Finished Size: 18.5cm/7.5” x 29cm/11.5”

What you will need:

- 1 ball of our Crazy Sexy Wool in your main colour. We went for Lipstick Red.
- 1 ball of our Crazy Sexy Wool in your contrast colour. We went for Ivory White.
- 1 pair of 12mm (US17) knitting needles
- 1 Rockin’ Stocking pattern
- Sewing needle


Using your 12mm knitting needles and your contrast colour of yarn, cast on in your favourite way (we used a cable cast on). Work in 1×1 rib until you have finished the cuff of the stocking.


You will now start working in stocking stitch. The first row will be a decrease row to keep your stocking look nice and neat. We decreased by 2 stitches.


Work a few more rows in your contrast colour so that when you fold the cuff over, the main colour of the stocking doesn’t peep through.


Change to your main colour and work in stocking stitch until you reach the heel of the stocking.


Use the short row technique to work the heel of the stocking. (There are step by step instructions on how to do this within the pattern).


Once the heel is finished, work in stocking stitch again until you reach the toe of the stocking.


Now begins the decreasing! Shape the toe of your stocking by working a series of decrease rows. We decreased evenly by 2 stitches each row to make a nice rounded toe.


Once the shaping is all done, cast off your stitches and get ready to seam that stocking!


If you’re at this stage of the instructions, you should have an almost finished stocking! It’s now time to seam it together.

Step 1:

Turn your stocking inside out and take a big long strand of your contrast colour. Use the vertical invisible seam technique to join the seam of the cuff of the stocking. We do this on the wrong side so that when the cuff is folded down, the seam is nicely tucked away.

Step 2:

Flip the stocking back so the right side is facing outwards. Swap to the main colour of yarn and work in the same technique to join the rest of the stocking seam.

You’re finished! You can stop here, hang, stuff and admire your brand new stocking orrrrr, if you are feeling like going that little extra mile, click here to see how to make a pom pom! We would love to see how you get on knitting your stocking, tag us at #woolandthegang


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