Here at Wool and the Gang HQ, we always, always try to do our best by doing a good eco deed, or two (or three), every day. Some days we’ll nail it, others we won’t, but little and often is what we’re aiming for.

As well as aiming to raise £50,000 for the totally awesome eco-organisation, Friends of the Earth, (with 30% of every purchase from our Heal the Wool range going to their campaign), we’re starting up our very own #GreenGang to try and get more of us helping the planet with a little of this and a little of that. It’s our two-pronged plan of attack to show some love to Mother Earth.

To get the ball rolling, Friends of the Earth have listed five ideas below. Feel free to use them for your own daily good deed, or as inspiration for more of your own eco ideas. Don’t forget to share what you’re up to with the rest of the gang so we can all get involved!


#GREENGANG let’s do this thing.



Can you ditch bottled water for a day? Plastic bottles contribute to heating up the planet cuz they’re made of fossil fuels – plus, they’ll be hanging around as junk for 450-1,000 years. Eugh. So embrace the tap and carry a reusable bottle instead of a nasty plastic one.



25% of clothes’ carbon footprint comes from the way we care for them, so why not make a change? For this week’s wash, reeeeeeally think about what actually needs washing. Or why not forget the ironing for once, wash on a lower temperature or try eco-friendly detergents? Psst…wool has self-cleaning properties (it’s basically magical). Hanging it out in a light breeze will help it smell fresh as a daisy.



Single-use plastic bags usage has dropped by 85% since the new law came into force. That’s seven BILLION bags down to 500 MILLION!  Great progress yes, but imagine if we got rid of them all together? Rolling up a bag-for-life or some kind of reusable bag to keep with you in your backpack/handbag/knapsack (jokes) means you’ll always have one to hand so there’s no need to reach out for a plastic carrier.



Did you know, the global meat industry is responsible for half of our planet’s global warming? We’re not saying you need to go full-on veggie, but how about knocking meat off the menu just for one week, or maybe even a month? You’ll be in good company – Paul McCartney, former Beatle and the man behind ‘Meat-free Mondays’ would definitely approve.


Make that call or send an email and switch to a renewable energy supplier. It’s super easy, takes 10 mins (maybe less), and every time someone switches it’s a vote for a cleaner greener future. Our pals at FoE can tell you more. Plus, this keeps dirty fossils in the ground.


A cheeky bonus tip from the Gang:

Ok, fine, we’re biased, we admit it. BUT, knitting and making your own clothes is not only pretty cool, but that helps reduce your clothes’ carbon footprint even more. #Justsaying.

Remember – we can make a difference together.

Join the #GREENGANG today!


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