It’s the first day of our Tina Tape Make Along (you can read all about it here), and we’re sooo ready to finally get started! Today, we’ll be casting on – so let the Make Along begin!

Depending on the Tina Tape kit you’ve chosen for the Make Along, there are a few different ways to cast on your project. From the classic cable cast on method to the chain stitch for all the crocheters out there, we’ve got every technique covered below.

Slip Knot

The slip knot is really one of the first things you learn when you start knitting. Not only is it used in the cable cast on method, it’s also used in crochet when you create your foundation row! We thought we’d start things off with this essential stitch.

“Cable Cast On” Method

In the cable cast on method, you knit on your stitches. It’s a great way to start your project, and gives your knit a neat and stable edge. This method is used in a number of our Tina Tape kits, including the Woodstock Tank or the Secret Love Shawl. So, if you’ve decided on one of these kits for the Make Along – this video tutorial is for you.

“Long Tail Cast On” Method

This is a great method for casting on your knits – especially if your project calls for a stretchy edge. The name of this method hints at our top tip: Make sure you keep a generous amount of length for the yarn tail, because this is what you’ll be using when you start casting on. If you’re knitting Love Thing Top, One Sweet Sweater, or the Careless Cardigan – watch our how-to below.

Chain Stitch

And now it’s time to get your crochet on! Luckily, the chain stitch is a simple technique that’s fun and easy. If you’re making the Good Life Top- the chain stitch will be the foundation of your project. We take you through the stitch step by step in the video below.

That much closer!

Now that we’ve cast on, our projects are that much closer to getting done! Be sure to share your progress so far in the Facebook Group and using the hashtag #MakeAlong so we can see how far you’ve come! Stay tuned next week and we’ll be walking you through some of the basic stitches and techniques used in our Tina Tape kits.


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