You know we love a good pom pom. For this how-to, why not use your leftover yarns? If you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’ve got quite the stash. Plus, this project is quick, easy and colourful – and you’ll get to hold the whole world in your hands!


1 ball of green yarn (we used Wooly Bully in Emerald Green)
1 ball of blue yarn (we used Wooly Bully in Mr Sky Blue)
1 ball of white yarn (we used Wooly Bully in Ivory White)
1 medium pom-pom maker
1 pair of scissors


Step 1: Using your white yarn, wrap the two ends of the pom pom maker.

Step 2: Wrap your green yarn between the two sections of white. Wrap it thicker in different sections to make the shapes of the countries and continents.

Step 3: Avoiding your white sections, cover the green section with your blue yarn. Don’t cut this yarn as you will use this blue again in Step 5.

Step 4: Wrap random sections of green to make islands. You can repeat Steps 3 and 4 as many times as you want.

Step 5: Wrap with blue for the final time and remember not to cover the white end sections.

Step 6: You have now finished the first half of your globe!

Step 7: Repeat Steps 1-5 for the second half of your globe.

Step 8: Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut around the edge of your pom pom.

Step 9: Wrap your yarn around the pom pom maker to secure the yarn.

Step 10: Give your pom pom a lil’ trim.

And there you have it – your finished pom pom! Let us know how your mini globe turned out in the comments.


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