It’s officially Spring, which has most of us dreaming of de-cluttering our homes. If it were only that simple! Saying see ya later to your hoarded trinkets is no walk in the park, so if you’re looking for that extra little push to the minimalist side of things – Helen Powell’s blog, Design Hunter, will definitely do the trick.

Founded in 2009, Design Hunter is all about exploring simplicity – from contemporary interiors to stylish lifestyle products. The woman behind the blog, Helen Powell, is thoughtful about the objects that enter her home, explaining that they should create a space “that’s inviting, restful and a place of sanctuary.” We couldn’t agree more with her philosophy!

IT’s in the details

What immediately captivated us about Design Hunter was Powell’s photography. Understated and sleek, the images used in every piece really reflect the minimalist content – think lots of white space with a mix of greenery. In her most recent Studio Tour – the photos make the smallest details seem exciting – even a close up of a teacup tells a story! As Helen points out, it’s all about “creating little moments of ritual and celebration that enrich our everyday lives and enhance our well-being.”


Here at WATG, we’re big fans of embracing the Danish Hygge. From our Soul Power Pants to the Me Time Scarf – staying cosy and enjoying the simpler things (like knitting!) is what life’s all about. So Helen’s recent take on how to hygge was totally up our alley. Whether it’s eating by candlelight or settling down to watch Netflix in the evening, her tips focus on how to slow down your daily routine.

A fan of our Home Collection, Helen recently wrote about her newest way to relax in the evening: The Reoccurring Dream Cushion Kit. This knitting project uses the super chunky Crazy Sexy Wool, which shows off the Herringbone stitch used across the front of the cushion. Flip the pillow over and find the lovely Billie Jean yarn! This yarn combo is a subtle detail won’t go unnoticed in your home. Helen will post her progress with the Reoccurring Dream Cushion over on Design Hunter – so keep an eye out on her blog if you’re like us and want to see how the project turns out!


If you’d like to see more – check out Helen’s blog Design Hunter. You should also check out her Instagram for a daily dose of simplicity. Thank you, Helen, for being our Blogger of the Month this March!

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