It’s International Women’s Day today, and to celebrate, we’re sharing a list of a few of our favourite women who are bold for change. From feminist writers to fashion designers, these women have all left their mark on us over at WATG. Let me tell ya, we had a tough time narrowing down our list, and we’d love to hear who’s inspired you and why in the comments below!

Goldie Hawn is a legend! I grew up watching Goldie films (Overboard, House Sitter and Death Becomes Her to name a few!) Offscreen, she’s started the Hawn Foundation and is an advocate for the LGBT community. Go Goldie!

Katherine Hamnett has got to be my pick. She was a true innovator – promoting ethical manufacturing in the fashion industry before it was on anyone’s radar. Plus, she invented stonewashing, distressed denim and became infamous for her protest T-shirts!

Kathleen Hanna was a key part of the early 90s rrriot girl movement in the US, and her brilliance as a singer, artist and activist had a huge impact on my in my early 20s. She made me feel like anything was (and is) possible!

Madonna’s True Blue was the first CD I ever owned – I loved her from day one. From the music to her dance moves, I just love how bold she’s always been. Plus she has talked about gender and race equality from the get-go.

Maya Angelou is my all time fav. A poet, writer, dancer, singer and magician – she could do it all. Her quotes are so timeless! I could read Phenomenal Woman a million times and find new meanings.

Miranda July’s short story collection, No One Belongs Here More Than You, is the one book I return to again and again for inspiration or a laugh. Usually both! Aside from her writing and views on procrastination – she also started a feminist film archive called Joan 4 Jackie.

Rachel Brathen is not only an inspirational yoga teacher, she seems to exude happiness in everything she does. Plus she is the founder of One0Eight, an online Yoga community and two non-profit organisations; Sgt Pepper’s Friends (an animal rescue foundation), and a global mission organisation 109 World that runs social mission trips worldwide. Love her!

Sophia Amuruso has really inspired me – for her Girlboss Movement as well as being the ultimate pin up for all things entrepreneur and innovation. She does things boldly and differently like a bawse – A true change maker!

Chantal Akerman is a creative genius and hugely inspirational. She was also a big ol’ feminist. Her films explore femininity and identity and she’s had a massive influence on avant-garde cinema. She simply oozed cool.

Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman founded the Pussy Hat Project in 2016 and women (and men!) have been wearing these pink hats ever since. I love that this project reclaims all things feminine – from the word pussy to the colour pink. You better believe I’m wearing my pussyhat today!

Who do you think has been bold for change this year? Let us know below.


  1. Gloria Steinem. Need I say more? I still remember how much I looked forward to the Ms.Magazine delivery every month.

    Oprah… wow!!!

    Deb Chard (personal impact). she taught me my first self defence course. It transformed me. It was so much more than the techniques it was the language she gave me to fight back against sexism, homophobia and racism.

    Thanks to all the wonderful women out there who make this world better.

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