12 Days of Making: Tassel Wall Hanging

For the 10th day of making we’re showing you how to make the Tassel Wall Hanging. This one couldn’t be easier! The best and possibly the trendiest way to use up leftover yarn whilst filling up a little bit of blank wall space.

Time to make: 10-15 minutes


Day10_ToolKit (1)

A pile of left over super bulky yarn or you could splash out on a couple of colours of your favorite yarn. We used Crazy Sexy Wool in a variety of colours.

A length of wooden dowling or a nice looking twig. We used a 30cm/12” wooden dowel with a 15mm/0.5” diameter.

Sharp scissors.


Finished size: Optional

  1. Plan your colour scheme. This is a pretty loose brief so just go with your gut. We chose colours that complimented each other and reminded us of the winter season. We used little snippets of each to get a layout we thought worked nicely.

  1. If using left over scraps of yarn, you can skip this step. If using a fresh ball of yarn, start by cutting your pieces into equal lengths. We started long so we could trim at the end – 150cm strands should work a treat (these will be folded in half so if you would like them to be longer than 75cm when finished, go for a little extra at this point).

  1. Day10_Steps01
    Start adding the yarn to your support. Take your first piece of yarn and fold it in half. The folded end now forms a loop. Pass this loop under your wooden support, then pass the loose ends ends over the support and through that loop. Pull on the loose ends to tighten up the loop, securely attaching your first piece. This is easily adjustable so don’t worry too much about positioning at this point.

  1. Day10_Steps02
    Continue adding yarn to the wooden support until you have filled as much space as you desire.

  1. Day10_Steps03
    Now comes the tricky part! (it’s not very tricky). We found this part got a lot easier if we hung the piece first. Just tie a length of strong yarn onto one end of your pole, then the other end of that same piece of yarn to the other end of the pole.

  1. Day10_Steps04
    Use your scissors to trim the end of your wall hanging into your desired shape. We like the look of chevrons of varying heights but a simple straight across design can be just as effective.


All done! Told you it was easy. Hang your newly formed wall hanging in your favourite spot and admire.


This is post #10 in our ‘12 Days of Making’ series which sees us posting a new how-to project every day for 12 days. To see what’s up next, what came earlier and to make sure you don’t miss anything, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates. Happy making!


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