12 Days of Making: Santa Baby Beanie

Ho ho ho! On the fifth day of making we’re showing you how to make a Santa Baby Beanie! The perfect accessory to show your Christmas spirit while staying warm and cozy, and it’s available as a kit here!

Time to make: 1hour

Finished size: 22cm/8.5″ x 27cm/10.5″



  • 1 ball of our Crazy Sexy Wool in Lipstick Red

  • 1 ball of our Crazy Sexy Wool in Ivory White

  • 1 pair of 12 mm (US 17) Knitting Needles

  • 1 Santa Baby Beanie Pattern

  • 1 knitter’s sewing needle


For the full pattern details, grab the kit here. We will run through the basics so you can follow along and make sure you’re on track.The hat is knitted flat and then seamed together at the end.

  1. STEP 1: 02_Day5_Instruction_Step1

Using your 12mm knitting needles and your Ivory White yarn, cast on in your favourite way (we used a cable cast on).

  1. STEP 2: Work in 1×1 Rib stitch until you have finished the rim of the hat

  2. STEP 3: 03_Day5_Instruction_Step2

Switch to your Lipstick Red yarn and work in stocking stitch for the main section of your hat.

  1. STEP 4: Shape your hat by working a series of decrease rows. (There are step by step instructions on how to do this within the pattern).

  2. STEP 5: 04_Day5_Instruction_Step3 When you get to the end, cut your yarn, thread it through your sewing needle, and insert the needle through the stitches left on the knitting needle, then pull to close your hat.


  1. STEP1: 05_Day5_AssemblyUsing the yarn tails from the top of the hat and the cast on, use the vertical invisible seam technique to sew up the back seam of your hat.

  2. STEP 2: Weave in the loose ends!


You can use a pom pom maker for this (which definitely speeds up the process) BUT it’s just as easy to use some scrap cardboard:

  1. STEP 1: Day3_PomPom_01Cut two cardboard circles, 7.5cm/3” in diameter, with a 2.5cm/1” hole in the centre.

  2. STEP 2: Day3_PomPom_02Using the sewing needle threaded with a long strand of yarn, hold the circles together and wind the yarn around the circle until it runs out. Cut another length of yarn, and continue winding yarn around the cardboard circles until the card is covered and the hole closes up.

  3. STEP 3: Day3_PomPom_03Using a pair of scissors, cut the yarn between the two pieces of card around the edge of the circle.

  4. STEP 4: Day3_PomPom_04Tie a strand of yarn between the two cardboard circles to secure the centre of the pom pom, and fasten with a tight knot. Now remove the cardboard.

  1. STEP 5: Tidy up your pom pom by trimming the shape with scissors.

  1. STEP 6: Sew the pom pom to the top of your beanie.


Ta Da! You’ve knitted your very own Santa Hat! Now dust of your sleigh because Christmas is 20 days away!



This is post #5 in our ‘12 Days of Making’ series which sees us posting a new how-to project every day for 12 days. To see what’s up next, what came earlier and to make sure you don’t miss anything, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates. Happy making!

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