12 Days of Making: Pom Pom Gift Wrapping

On the 11th Day of Making we’re showing you how to gift-wrap your presents, using cute n’ fluffy pom poms! This is a quick, easy project, and a great way to customise your gifts for friends and family. Use up your yarn scraps or buy some more of your favourite coloured yarns for the perfect gift wrap this Christmas.

Time to make: 10-15 minutes


Day11_ToolKit This is a great project for using up leftover yarn, or you can make it extra special by using our super-soft Feeling Good Yarn. We used Feeling Good yarn, in the colours Cameo Rose, Ivory White, Red Ochre.

1 x large pom pom maker or large sheet of cardboard/heavy paper. We have used 1 x 85mm/3 3/8 inch pom pom maker.

Wrapping paper of your choice. We have used brown craft paper.


A pair of sharp scissors.


First things first, you need to make your pom poms! You can use a pom pom maker for this project (see the following steps) OR use some scrap cardboard (skip ahead to the ‘Using Cardboard’ section): 1. STEP 1: Day11_Steps01   Fold out the first arm of your pom pom maker and wrap the yarn around the arm until it is full. Fold the arm back in and cut the yarn from the ball. 2. STEP 2: Day11_Steps02 (1) Day11_Steps03 Fold out the second arm of your pom pom maker and wrap the Crazy Sexy Wool around it until it is full. Fold the arm back in and cut the yarn from the ball. 3. STEP 3: Day11_Steps04 Holding the pom pom maker firmly closed, cut all along the outside edge of the maker, following the ridge between the two halves. 4. STEP 4: Day11_Steps05 Take a strand of yarn approx. 30cm/12’’ in length, and pass it between the two halves of the pom pom maker. 5. STEP 5: Remove the maker form the yarn by un-folding the arms and pulling the two halves apart. 6. STEP 6: Day11_Steps06 Tidy up your pom pom by trimming the shape with scissors.


1. STEP 1: Day11_PomPom_01 Cut two cardboard circles, 8.5cm/3.4” in diameter, with a 2.5cm/1” hole in the centre. 2. STEP 2: Day11_PomPom_02   Using the sewing needle threaded with a long strand of yarn, hold the circles together and wind the yarn around the circle until it runs out. Cut another length of yarn, and continue winding yarn around the cardboard circles until the card is covered and the hole closes up. 3. STEP 3: Day11_PomPom_03 (1)     Using a pair of scissors, cut the yarn between the two pieces of card around the edge of the circle. 4. STEP 4: Day11_PomPom_04   Take a strand of yarn approx. 30cm/12’’ in length and pass it between the two cardboard circles to secure the centre of the pom pom, and fasten with a tight knot. Now remove the cardboard. 5. STEP 5: Day11_Steps06 (1) Tidy up your pom pom by trimming the shape with scissors. Day11_Steps07     8. STEP 8: Next, wrap up your gifts using the paper of your choice. We used brown kraft paper. 9. STEP 9: Once you have wrapped up your gift and secured each end with sellotape, cut some more yarn to start the gift wrap decor! 10. STEP 10: Day11_Steps08 Using a pair of scissors, cut a piece of yarn and ensure it’s long enough to wrap around your whole gift. Wrap it up and secure with a knot.

11. STEP 11: Day11_Steps09

Now pick a pom pom you made earlier, and get hold of the 2 strands.

In the middle of the gift (where you wrapped the yarn earlier), place one strand underneath the wrapped yarn and keep one on top.

12. STEP 12: Day11_Steps10

Carefully tie a knot underneath and secure tightly so your pom pom is fixed. With your scissors, snip off the long strands of yarn you no longer need on show.

If you want to add 1 + pom poms, repeat this process with your other pom poms.

13. STEP 13: Day11_Finished

Ta-da! Your first gift is complete!


This is post #11 in our ‘12 Days of Making’ series which sees us posting a new how-to project every day for 12 days. To see what’s up next, what came earlier and to make sure you don’t miss anything, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates. Happy making!

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