Meet the Maker: Rachele Carmona

Meet Rachele Carmona – a gang making crocheter who doesn’t let the Texas heat stop her from her love of creating beautifully crocheted blankets.

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Tell us a little about yourself…

Well, I’m just a girl crocheting in Texas. I grew up just outside of Houston, finished my BA in English, and then got married and started a career which I continued for over a decade. Then when my eldest started Kindergarten, I was able to drop everything and stay home with the kiddos. Fast forward, and now I have four young children and a (very patient) hubby, plus three fur-babies. We live in a plain one-story with a plant-filled yard, complete with hammock. Living the quiet life and loving it!

When and how did your love for crochet start?

I started playing with yarn in college, when websites were just getting started and it was mostly hyperlink text with few pictures. I found a popular knitting blog that really inspired me to learn to knit. As it turns out, there was a major resurgence of knitting and crochet beginning at that time, and it was easy to find other college students to knit with over coffee in the campus café. After graduation, I moved into an apartment and something made me pick up a hook. Now, there isn’t a day that goes by without crochet. I never looked back!  

What made you go down the crochet square/ blanket-making route?

There’s something about making a blanket and imagining someone snuggling under it with a loved one that has always attracted me. Before I transitioned into designing patterns full time, I made over 300 custom blankets – about two a week for three years! Here and there I’ve made baby clothes, but my one true love is the blanket. They’re very versatile and gauge is not important, so I can create with total freedom.

Your geometric, detailed designs, and use of colour completely amazes us- where do you tend to get your design and colour inspiration from? 

Somewhere along the path of my creative journey, I went from imitating other crochet designs to drawing inspiration solely from non-crochet artistic sources. I believe any artist gets to a plateau that can be overcome by expanding their craft, incorporating elements from outside their realm. Looking at crochet still delights me! But when I’m ready to design something new, I browse digital art, quilting (imagine the geometric possibilities!), and even floor tiles for their wonderful shapes. 

Where is your favourite place to crochet your beautiful creations?

When I’m home, I crochet right in my living room in a white rocking chair next to a basket of yarn. It sounds old-fashioned but like I said, I live the quiet life. And when I’m out and about, I plan which project to bring along, so I can work during down times. The other moms and dads at gymnastics and Taekwondo know me as the lady who’s always crocheting something. WIP management is very serious business, so I crochet everywhere!

Do you crochet every day?

Absolutely! And every night too! :) I cannot go a day without playing with hook and yarn. It’s a creative outlet that 100% balances my structured life as a wife and mother. 

What is it like to be a crochet-maker in Texas ?

Well, I put on my ten-gallon hat and my cowboy boots and ride my horse to the yarn shop…Just kidding! I will say one thing that is true: Texas is hot and humid! Not exactly the ideal climate to be underneath a blanket all the time.. But I love Texas! An abundance of plants grow beautifully here, and I liken my love for the green scenery to my love for crochet. It’s all about finding that tranquility among the hustle and bustle of city life.

We noticed your interest in the way colours reflect different moods- which colour do you find is your happiest colour?

I do love all colors, but gravitate toward coral. It’s bright and warm, yet somehow also cool. I just love it!

What are you working on at the moment?

Oh, my! How much time do you have? My biggest project right now is a crochet pattern book that I’m writing for Interweave Press. It will give a glimpse into my creative process, while offering 18 blanket patterns to create, two of which feature gorgeous WATG yarns: Billie Jean, and Shiny Happy Cotton. 

5 second Q’s, ready??:

Favourite colour?


Favourite yarn?

Billie Jean! So rustic!

Favourite stitch?

Linen Stitch!

Chunky or fine knits?

Hmm.. chunky!

Monochrome or multicolour?

Oooh you’re making me choose?? Okay 5 seconds right? – Monochrome! 

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