Introducing: Wool Me Tender yarn

We are so excited to introduce the newest yarn member to our family…Wool Me Tender! We had been searching for a wooly yarn that was super soft and that we could see as a little sister to our Crazy Sexy Wool. The result is a chunky yarn that is great for knitting, crocheting and wearing!


Wool Me Tender, which is produced in the Peruvian Andes, is both sustainably produced and biodegradable. We’ve carefully chosen our supplier, who develops long term relationships with farmers in small mountain towns. These farmers come from a long line of breeders who really know their stuff when it comes to wool. In addition to steady business for the farmers, our suppliers also provide training and education. This means the local Peruvian communities really benefit from the yarn production which is a win for everyone. These guys are some of the most respected in the industry and we are so happy to be working with them!



The yarn begins its journey in the Peruvian mountains on small sheep farms. As it comes in from the mountains, our suppliers identify the highest quality and softest wool to make our yarn. Then the yarn is dyed specifically to the unique Wool and the Gang colour palette. We love working with the Peruvian suppliers to broaden our product ranges because they offer a high quality product that we really believe in…and that’s a great feeling!



To accompany to the exciting release of our new yarn, we’ve also developed an exclusive collection of garments that perfectly captures the essence of Autumn/Winter. We’ve chosen a rich, organic colour palette combined with muted neutrals so you can make your perfect garment in time for the cooler months. We love the statement pieces like the Rock It Bomber and Wool Me Tender Wrap but also have some easy-to-knit items like the The King Beanie and Rock-A-Hula Cowl. Start your next project today and be sure to #shareyourknits!

“We’re super excited to introduce this little sister to Crazy Sexy Wool. My favourite thing about this wool is that you can knit for miles because there is tons of yardage. Which means more yarn for your magical creations!” Jade Harwood -Co-Founder and Creative Director.

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  1. Can’t wait to try out the newest wool baby, Wool Me Tender in the free pattern: Burning Love Beanie in the Green Lagoon. 😁😁😁 exciting💃🏽

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