Farrah Top Knit Along (KAL): Week 5

Welcome to the 5th instalment of our Farrah top Knit Along (KAL): Sewing up.

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Farrah Top Wool and the Gang

Now that the knitting part of your Farrah top is complete, it’s time to sew your pieces together. Your top will be finished and ready to wear in no time!

For this this week you will be working through the following techniques to sew up your top:

Horizontal invisible seaming (to join the cast off edges on shoulders of your top).

Vertical invisible seaming (to join the side edges of your top).

 1. Horizontal invisible seaming

Place your back and front piece of your Farrah on top of each other so that the right sides of the fabric are facing outwards and the wrong sides of the fabric are touching. Thread your sewing needle with a length of yarn (20cm/ 8″ will be enough for each shoulder) and use the horizontal invisible seaming technique to loop together the cast off edges of the back and front straps.

 Once you’ve joined both of your shoulders, now it’s time to sew up the sides of your Farrah.

2. Vertical invisible seaming

Thread your sewing needle (60cm/ 23.5″ will be enough to sew up one side), now use the vertical invisible seaming technique to neatly sew up the sides of your Farrah. If you follow our video below, you will barely be able to see the join!

That’s it for this week, your Farrah top is complete!

And remember, we’ve got prizes! £100 / $145 / €130 to spend at woolandthegang.com to be precise :)

We’ll be giving everyone an extra week to catch up and finish off before announcing the winner on Friday 24th June

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