How to customise your crochet hook with Sugru for extra comfort

Hands up any other crochet fiends out there who sometimes get sore fingers! No fear, we’ve got a fun and easy way to customise your crochet hook for comfort and in style. All we need is a little help from our buddies over at Sugru and their wonderous product.

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What we used:

1 x 10mm WATG Rosewood Crochet Hook
1 x Sugru coloured 8-pack


Step 1. Cut around your Sugru packet
Step 2. Peel apart the two sides of the packaging
Step 3. Roll about 1/4 of your first Sugru colour into a ball
Step 4. Repeat the same steps three more times with your other colours
Step 5. Roll the colours together to create a marbled effect
Step 6. Mould your Sugru on your crochet hook
Step 7. Roll your crochet hook between your hands
Step 8. Tadaaaaaa – no more crochet blisters!


  1. but wouldn’t that just move around and make your fingers sticky i mean does it get hard or stay soft i think if it stays soft it wouldn’t serve any purpose i don’t want to insult anyone it is a good idea in theory but i don’t see the good in it just my opinion

    • Hiya! Yes indeed, it gets hard after 24, no fear :) It turns into a substance like rubber.

  2. I want to try them but first I have a question can u remove them like if I but one and I d not want it no more can I move it easy or it stay there permanently

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