My Maker Story – #1

We were all incredibly moved by all the stories you submitted to our survey. Thank you all so so much for your honesty and bravery in sharing the tough times you’ve been through. We’ve included just a small sample in this blog post and will be sharing more over the months to come, so that these knitters’ and crocheters’ words can inspire you as much as they have us.

My Maker Story - Wool and the Gang

‘Following a spell of depression/anxiety/stress last year, whilst I’m not sure you ever fully recover, I found crochet very therapeutic. I was able to relax. De-stress. And forget all the negativity that had such a draining effect on my well-being.’

Pink and ivory peruvian yarn

‘Knitting, spinning wool, learning to crochet have all helped me in times of stress. The concentration required when learning to knit and crochet took my mind away from my problems and was a meditation in it’s own right. Whenever I knit or crochet I am transported to a happy place! Everyone should craft.’

Wool and the Gang

‘It has! I went through a very difficult, stressful time in my life that lasted over a year, and my one escape was knitting (and also sewing) — there is something so therapeutic about mapping out a project and then working it step by step until it’s finished. It’s perhaps the predictability of it all — that if you follow each step, you will get the outcome you expect. If only all of life would be that way!’

Wool and the Gang Moss Stitch chunky yarn

‘Very busy with my master’s degree, working a stressful job and a spouse going through depression and starting his own business…I needed something to calm my nerves and would use my creativity. Knitting and crocheting helps me have small victories, whether it’s finishing a small project or learning a new technique, at a time when life’s challenges seem too big and I feel too powerless.’


‘I find knitting to be very soothing. Over the years when I’ve had periods where very stressful things were happening I’ve been able to turn to knitting and other crafts to calm myself. I also get a sense of accomplishment from learning new skills and finishing projects.’

Wool and the Gang

‘Yes, especially after having my second child. I experienced a lot of anxiety and depression during my pregnancy and had postpartum depression. My husband is in the military and is gone A LOT it helps me relax and have something to focus on besides being alone with my kids and missing my husband at night.’

Wool and the Gang

‘I quit my job that I had been in for the past six years recently due to stress and a desire for change. Knitting and crafting have helped me with my anxiety and made me more confident in my creativity, and have helped me be more confident in my new career search.’

Wool and the Gang knitting on the go

PS If you feel like adding your story too, please just write in to us at [email protected] All submissions will be anonymous unless you would like it to be otherwise!



  1. A day without knitting is a day without sunshine! Knitting inspires me, fills free time and takes my mind off of myself. And frogging might be frustrating but a perfect knitwear always puts a smile on my face!

  2. Hi, I am a born-again knitter. I have come back to knitting after many years away. I had forgotten how wonderful it is and all the lovely new yarns that are available now just make me want to spend all my money. I completely agree, it is so therapeutic. Especially when travelling . I will be knitting on the plane, in the car, anywhere. It will take all the stress out of travelling I am sure. It is transportable, light, wonderful company. A woman knitting is a comfort for other people too. Nothing terrible can happen if I am knitting.!!

  3. I have been knitting steadily since I was seven years old, but I really ramped it up fifteen years ago. I fell off my front porch and broke my leg in 16 places. After surgery I had a series of cumbersome casts for the next 9 weeks that limited my mobility. Fortunately, I had obtained a pattern for preterm baby hats prior to my accident. I called the local children’s hospital and asked if they could use hats for the NICU. The answer was an overwhelming “YES!”. I have been knitting hats steadily since. I take a small kit with me and knit while I’m travelling, waiting for appointments, or just hanging out with friends. My knitting has put me in touch with many people, as I gladly share this craft with anyone who asks!

  4. Knitting/crocheting has helped entertain me through the 3 hours/3 days per week dialysis treatments (until I’m privileged a quality kidney — via transplant). I especially enjoying Yarn Socials – engaging and learning from other yarn & needle lovers. My whole family knits/crochets (husband and kids). I just love to create beautiful items and be able wear them or to give them away to someone who’d appreciate my thinking of them throughout every stitch. ~Sage

  5. Being a 29 year old who is figuring out life with little direction has had stressful moments. I am regularly clueless as to what to undertake next. The reassurance while working on a project has brought relief. When I don’t know what turn to take in life, I do know I need 10 more rows on this project. Knitting helps me focus and stay on track as I navigate life along with my projects.

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