How to use a pompom maker

Tired of spending time cutting out cardboard circles to make your pompoms? Want to make pompoms fast and fun? Then our new Pom-Pom Maker is the product you’ve been waiting for!

Everyone knows that a big fluffy pompom on top of a hand knitted hat is like a shiny cherry on top of a delicious cake. Using a pompom maker, you can make double the pompoms in half the time. Want to know how to get the most out of your new toy? Then read on!

So this is what your pompom make looks when you fold out the two sides:

Begin by wrapping the yarn around one of the arms. Stop when the arm is full and looks like the picture below.

Cut your yarn and fold the full side back to the middle. Repeat the wrapping on the other side.

Cut your yarn and fold the two arms back to the middle.

Now take a pair of sharp scissors and cut around the outside of the pompom maker.

Cut a length of yarn approximately, wrap it around the circumference of the circle several times and tie a secure knot. Make sure you leave a long enough tail so that you can sew the pompom to your hat. We recommend you give your pompom a trim to make sure it’s looking .

Ta da! You have a big squishy pompom with minimum fuss and maximum fun!


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  1. I love these Clover Pom Pom makers! I tell everyone to just drop the pocket change and get a set. They make the prettiest pom poms!

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