How to make a pom pom keyring

Make like a cheerleader and put a pom pom on it with our pom pom keyring tutorial.

Searching for a way to brighten up your favourite old bag? Got a load of Crazy Sexy Wool and Jersey Be Good scraps crying out to be used? Then look no further, our Pika Pom Pom Keyring is the answer to of all your problems. Super-fast and super-fun to make, the Pika Pom Pom Keyring is a great stocking filler – your family and friends will never lose their keys again! Download the free pattern here, plus scroll down for a visual how-to.


First, grab a load of yarn scraps, the more colours the better. Don’t worry if you only have one colour though, plain poms look great too! Here we are making two different pom pom sizes, a small and a large. If you want to do the same, cut two card board circles which have a diameter of 5cm/2″ for the small size and two circles which are 8cm/3.5″ for the large size. If you have a pom pom maker, you can also use this!

Begin by wrapping your Crazy Sexy Wool scraps around the cardboard circles. Here’s what a two-tone pom pom looks like before you cut into the yarn:


Here is what a mixed pom pom looks like before you cut into the yarn:


Next, take your scissors and cut through the yarn between the two pieces of card around, making your way around the the edge of the circle.

Now it’s time to bring your Jersey Be Good scraps in to the mix. Cut a 30cm/12″ length and tie it around your pom pom, between the cardboard circles. Make sure you tie it nice and tight – you don’t want your pom pom falling apart further down the line!


Now it’s time to make the braid! Cut a second length of Jersey Be Good 50cm/20″ long and lay this over the top of the first strand to make a cross. Follow the pictures below to get braiding.





Keep repeating these 4 steps until your braid measures 11cm/4″, then trim the ends so that the ends are approx. 1cm/0.5″ long. To hide the ends and finish pom pom key ring off, we have used a tassel end. To secure two pom poms, hold the strands together, thread a sewing needle with a short length of Jersey Be Good, and sew through the braids.


Remove your needle and wrap your yarn around the braids and knot them to secure them.



Now insert this in to the tassel end and insert a screw in to each of the holes.


Ta-da – your pom pom keyring is complete!


Check out the Wool and the Gang site for more free knitting and crochet patterns.



  1. Pom Poms on a key ring…a brilliant idea!
    I bought the Clover Pom Pom maker from Hobby Craft…and it’s so easy and effective!

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