How to work in single crochet

This week on Saturday stitches, we show you how to single crochet.

For crochet newbies, single crochet is a great place to start your hooking journey. Check out our new and improved video for some live crochet action, or read on for our step-by-step guide. We also have a really useful crochet glossary which you can find here. We will have you crocheting in no time!

single_crochet1. Make a slip knot and then make a foundation chain. If you are unfamiliar with this technique, click here for our video

2. Start with your hook in your right hand, and your foundation chain in your left.

3. Insert your crochet hook into the middle of the second stitch from the hook. Single crochet uses a turning chain of 1 stitch which is why you skip the first stitch of your foundation chain.

4. Move the hook under, then over the yarn.

5. Scoop up the yarn with the groove of your hook, and pull it through the stitch. There are now 2 loops on your hook.

6. Loop the yarn around your hook again, and pull the yarn through both loops on your hook. You have now worked 1 stitch in single crochet!

7. To continue working in single crochet, insert the hook in to the next stitch and repeat steps 4 to 6 until have crocheted into the last stitch of your foundation chain.

Working across a row which has already been crocheted:

1. Make a turning chain of 1 stitch.

2. Insert your hook into the next stitch (NOT the turning chain you just made).

3. Complete the stitch as you did before (repeating steps 4 to 6 from the previous section). Keep working in this way until you reach the end of your row. To continue working in single crochet, simply repeat these steps for as long as you need.


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