How to pimp your Alpacino

On today’s Saturday Stitches we show you how to customise your Alpacino to make him the coolest camelid on the block.

Last week we ran through some tips and tricks to help you crochet up your Alpacino without a hitch. Now it’s time for the fun part where you can let your creativity really run wild. We will show you a few of Alpacino‘s ‘looks’ and how you can achieve them. Go crazy. We wanna see what you dream up!

Look 1: Mohawk Mate


You will need:

Leftover Crazy Sexy Wool, a pair of scissors, a tapestry needle.

1. Cut 3 strands of yarn approx. 70cm/ 27.5″ long. Here we’ve used Pink Lemonade, Purple Haze and Rusty Orange, but you can use any colours you like!

2. Cut a fourth strand of yarn and thread it on to your needle. Take your needle under one of the crochet stitches on your Alpacino‘s head. Hold the other three strands of yarn together, then make a stitch over the top of them to hold them in place.


3. Fold the three strands in half to make a loop approx. 8cm/3″ long. Make a stitch over the top of these strands, then make a second stitch over the top to secure them.


4 Repeat step 3 until you have covered your Alpacino‘s head and the top of his neck in strands. You can leave these as loops, or trim them and brush them to make a mohawk. You’re the stylist!

mohawk 2

Look 2: Bling Baby


You will need:

Swarovski Crystal Buttons, red sewing thread, a sewing needle.

1. Thread your needle with approx 50cm/19.5″ of red thread. Secure your thread to your Alpacino‘s neck by making a couple of small stitches.

button 2

2. Insert your needle through the holes in your Swarovski Crystal Button, then insert your needle back through your Alpacino‘s neck. Repeat a couple of times to make sure your button won’t fall off. Cut your thread and hide the ends.

button 3

3. Secure your thread approx. 1.5 cm from the centre of the button you just attached.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have secured all of the Swarovski Crystal Buttons around your Alpacino‘s neck.

button 4

Look 3: Pin-Up Pal

You will need:

Wool and the Gang Pins

No instructions needed here, simply pin where you please!


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