Zigazig KAL: week 3

Like the look of colourwork, but don’t want to knit with multiple colours? No worries – this week we show you how to really put your mark on the Zigazig Shopper, by adding a motif using the duplicate stitch technique.

Start by planning out your design - click here to download our little colouring-in illustration, then get creative!

1. Secure your yarn on the wrong side of the fabric by sewing a couple of stitches close to where you want the first stitch.

2. Bring the needle through to the right side of the fabric, at the bottom of the first stitch you want to embroider over.


3. Tug on the yarn until all of it has been pulled through to the right side.


4. The spot where you’ve pulled the yarn through is at the bottom of the little ‘V’ formed by the stitch in the knitted fabric. Your duplicate stitch will sit on top of this stitch, hiding the yarn under it, and it will look as if it was a knitted stitch. First, form the right-hand ‘leg’ of the stitch by inserting the needle at the top of the stitch, under both ‘legs’ of the stitch above it.


5. Now pull the yarn through.


6. Complete the stitch by inserting the needle in the same place where you started off.


7. Pull the yarn through to the wrong side of the fabric, and finish off the stitch.


Repeat steps 2 to 7 to continue working in duplicate stitch.

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