WATG x Mollie Makes – Jazzy Jackson Backpack

What do you get when you cross WATG’s Jackson Backpack with maker mag Mollie Makes? The Jazzy Jackson! In this easy-to-follow tutorial, Nina from Mollie Makes show you how to put a pompom (and a tassel) on it. Plus one lucky star can win the kit!


To make the pom pom backpack flap

Step 1

Using Shiny Happy Cotton in Hot Pink, Yellow Brick Road and Magic Mint make a pile of pom poms to stitch along the edge of the backpack flap.

Use a pom pom maker or the traditional cardboard method to make them. Give the pom pom a good zhoosh when it’s done. We made a set of medium sized poms: 4 x pink, 5 x yellow and 3 x mint. Remember to leave a yarn tail around 7cm long.

Step 2

Arrange the pom poms along the edge of the backpack flap making sure you have enough. Make more if required.

Step 3

Stitch the pom poms to the backpack flap (we started in the middle). Thread a tapestry needle with one half of the yarn tail. Sew through one of the crochet spaces at the front of the backpack flap then secure the pom pom in place with a double knot. Now thread both halves of the yarn tail through the needle and sew back through the centre of the pom pom and cut. Do this with each pom pom.



To make the tassels

Step 1

Wrap the Shiny Happy Cotton around your four fingers about 50 times. Carefully slip off the yarn and place it onto a chunky crochet hook.

Step 2

Cut a piece of yarn, 15cm long in the same colour, and tie a double knot around the tassel (right up against the crochet hook). Thread the yarn tail through the tapestry needle and wrap the remaining yarn around the tassel, tie off and hide the remaining yarn inside the tassel. Cut the bottom of the tassel until it has a relatively straight and even edge.

Step 3

Cut another piece of yarn, 10cm long, thread the needle and stitch through the top of the tassel (where the crochet hook is) and tie in a double knot. Slip the tassel off the crochet hook, fluff it up a bit and tie the tassel to the backpack drawstring. Do the same for the other end of the drawstring.


Mollie Makes

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