How to fix your knitting mistakes

Down in the dumps about your knitting mis-haps?
Scared of making the same mistake twice?
Never fear – our Wool School will help you fix your knits in no time.

We all make mistakes from time to time, so here is a four-part guide on how to identify and correct the error of your ways on your stocking stitch knits.


Has one of your stitches tried to make a run for it?  All you need is a crochet hook to get your knitting back on track:


Is your knitting expanding and gaining holes? There are two most common causes of additional stitches and lucky for you we show you both in the video below. The first is a yarn over, where an extra stitch has been created by accidentally wrapping the yarn purl-wise around the needle as you’re knitting. This extra stitch can be removed when you knit the next row. Just look out for the rogue stitch and simply slip it off the needle and carry on knitting!
The second way you can gain extra stitches is by not completing a stitch in the correct way. To fix this one, knit to the problem stitch, then slip it on a crochet hook. Grab the horizontal bar with your hook and then slip it back onto the left needle and knit it!
Watch the video below to master both of these techniques.


If you find your knitting blunder hasn’t been nipped in the bud, there are two simple ways to wind back your knitting and get back on track.


Just noticed you made a mistake in the row you just knitted? Don’t panic! By simply unknitting the last row (often referred to as ‘TINKing’ – that’s knit spelt backwards) you will rewind your mistake without the fear of dropping any stitches! Just slip all the stitches below the row you just knitted onto your right hand needle and pull on the yarn to unravel the loose stitches above. We show you how here.


Worried your knitting mistake seems more terminal? Don’t fear! If you have spotted a mistake a few rows down, by using a drop stitch you can correct the mistake without unraveling your project! Simply knit to the stitch just above the mistake, then slip this stitch off the needle and let it unravel down to the row below the mistake. Use a crochet hook to re-knit the stitch as in our video below:

How simple was that?! Four fear-free ways to fix your knitting mishaps.

Wanna learn more? Hop along to Wool School and watch more of our video tutorials.

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