Whats in your knit bag

Popping up all over our Instagram and Hang with the Gang page is our cool Wool and the Gang tote bag. Not only are our bags perfect for carrying all your everyday essentials, books and shopping in but it also makes a great knitting bag! Which got us thinking, what does every knitter need in their knit kit?

Whether you’re an experienced knitter or have just caught the knitting bug it’s important to have a good knitting bag. An organised (and well stocked) knit bag can make knitting your next project stress-free and easy. We would much rather spend 10 minutes knitting an extra few rows than rummaging around for a lost sewing needle or tapemeasure. With the launch our new *free Wool and the Gang tote bags it’s a great time to organise your knitting supplies. As always we are on hand to help, so at WATG HQ we asked our top knitters what crafty essentials they keep in their knit bags. Pack your bag with these must-haves:

Keeping your knitting bag organised doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you are using a hand-me-down knitting bag, a Zigazag shopper or your new WATG tote bag try to get into the habit of putting everything back neatly – you don’t want your needles to damage your yarn or pull any yarns with stray pins. If you are feeling crafty you could always make a pouch for your needles or scissors, this will help keep everything squeaky clean.

*To get a free WATG tote bag you have to spend over £70! 

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