Travel Knit Tips

It’s time to grab your bags and run for the sun or the slopes! If you’re like us and planning an adventure soon, then you’ll also be wondering how you can take your new knit projects on the road.  

Whether you’re travelling from near and far to spend time with your loved ones, or taking a selfish break for that much needed holiday – when you’re a knitter you make the best use of those countless hours spent in transit! We asked Alexandra Brinck, our head textile designer, for some pointers on what to consider when knitting on the go:

On a plane

The first question people tend to ask is: ‘Am I allowed to bring knitting needles in my hand luggage?’ Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer: different airlines have different guidelines, and airport security always gets to make the final call. The best thing to do is check the guidelines for the airline you’re travelling with – you can usually find this information online – but be prepared for the possibility that you may not get your knitting past airport security. (Some travel knitters keep a self-addressed, stamped envelope with them just in case – that way, if they have to abandon their needles, they can just send them home via post.)

In a car

If at all possible, always get someone else to do the driving! Car travel can be prime knitting time – so volunteer to be in charge of snacks, music or entertainment… but make sure you get to be in the passenger seat instead of behind the wheel. It’s also a good idea to give the pattern a good read before hand, incase you get travel sickness so you can just sit back, relax – and knit.

What makes a good travel project?

To be a be a good travelling knitter, consideration is key. As much as you might love working on that fluffy, oversized jumper, your fellow travellers may not appreciate being constantly elbowed, or having balls of yarn all over them. Be a considerate knitter, and work on something smaller instead. Knitting with double-pointed needles is ideal, as it requires less elbow room -and smaller projects take up less space in your bag as well. We recommend our Fight The Power and Underground mittens, or if you fancy something different why not knit up our Big Foot Socks – perfect travel projects!

What are your travel knitting projects? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. Circular needles are so much better than straight for knitting in tight places! The ends won’t get caught between the seats or in the stranger sitting next to you ;0) And when you toss the works in your bag to catch the next bus, there’s less chance that the stitches will slip away. (P.S. I’ve never been stopped from taking my plastic circulars on a flight.)

  2. I have travelled a lot of times with my sewig stuff! The best for me is to knit on the train. I feel so calm and cool!

    When I travel by plane , The TSA check my knitting bag sometimes. But when they see the needles, they just smile and say: have a nice trip!!!

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