Meet the maker behind Bonbon Balloons

Floating around in East London is balloon company Bonbon Balloons. Their playfully large, candy coloured balloons are not your ordinary balloons. To celebrate the start of 2015 we gave Bonbon Balloons a woolly make-over and sat down with their creator, Rebecca Moyster. 

Here at WATG we love any excuse to get crafty, so to welcome in 2015 Bonbon Balloons sent over a few of their magical balloons for us to play with. Just in time for our New Year celebrations! Our creative team, armed with their stix and wool, gave their balloons a Wool and the Gang makeover. Filled with our favourite silver, glitter confetti we covered our balloon strings with our leftover Christmas garland pom-poms.

Bonbon Balloons is a brand we love. It’s not your typical balloon company, every balloon is made to request and comes floating out their box, covered in confetti and with a decorative string. Each string is hand crafted with origami hearts, ruffles, bows and aeroplanes, and now pom-poms. But before we give you a sneak peek of our balloons (and put on our disco boots) we caught up with Bonbon Balloon’s queen, Rebecca Moyster, for a chat about super powers and world balloon domination.

What made you start Bonbon Balloons?

I just thought balloons always looked so old fashioned and egg shaped! I had always been in love with the Tim Walker images of the giant round balloons and thought how beautiful they looked. I then started thinking how the balloon string had always been ignored and started to create decorative strings. I thought this type of product could be bespoke to fit with any theme or brand and it kind of grew from that.

What inspires you?

My background is in fashion and interiors so I guess these areas inspire me a lot. I am constantly looking at colours and how they work together, and this always leads me on to my next idea.

What’s the best thing about making balloons?

They always make people smile, no matter what age or gender, every time people see a balloon they smile.

What would be your dream balloon?

A giant balloon in black & white stripes with a bright coral pink string.

What’s next for Bonbon Balloons?

World balloon domination! Make the world smile!

What do you do when you’re not making balloons?

Think about balloons and I spend lots of time with my beautiful baby boy Sam and my boyfriend Jack.

What’s your superpower?

To be able to teleport anywhere at anytime. I could go to New York for my breakfast, Italy for lunch, then Lancashire and see my gran for a cuppa in the afternoon, and then have dinner with my best mate who lives in LA! The perfect day.

If you could make one person breath and talk with helium, who would that be?

Anna Wintour, she is always so serious!

Keep your eyes out for our big WATG x Bonbon Balloons reveal. If you just can’t wait then here is a sneaky look at the making of our pom-pom Bonbon Balloons.





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