Magnificent Men

Introducing Knit Jagger, not the man but our stylish new sweater. Our new Boys Will Be Boys collection has taken inspiration from the sixties most iconic men.

Taking after our favorite knitters Ryan Gosling, Sufjan Stevens and Simon Cowell the male knit community is steadily on the rise. Even more reason for us to launch our largest men’s collection yet, ranging from coveted chunky sweaters to stylish slim ties. Boys Will Be Boys can either be handcrafted by our Peruvian Artisan knitters or made at home by you, or your partner.

The Boys Will Be Boys collection is made from our finest Sheepaca yarn, which is a blend of 50% Alpaca/50% Merino wool. The yarn is sleek, soft and easy to work with, making it great for any beginner knitters. Our new men’s collection looked towards the sixties for great male style. Cool and contemporary these new WATG favorites combines old-school manliness with a tough grunge twist.

We are all about spreading our wooly word so our new Bullitt Beanie and Sundance Tie are perfect gifts for any first time makers. For the more experienced Gansta you can show off your skills with our traditional Aran-style Magnificent Sweater and our new Jumping Jack Vest, which features our chunky cable knit technique. If you haven’t yet mastered the Cable Technique you can learn from our Wool School. Classic but modern the Boys Will Be Boys collection uses only the top colours from our autumnal palette, featuring blues and greens, burnt umber, grey, black, chantilly cream and burgundy.










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