Tartan Technique

Channel the 90s with our new Tartan Knitting technique. Great for updating scarves and jumpers, customising Christmas gifts and essential when knitting up design from our new Purl Jam Collection.

Follow our tutorial to recreate this easy Tartan detail on your latest project. Our new Wool School video will help you learn this simple technique which is used for our new Teen Spirit Sweater and No Doubt Warmer, both made from our winter favourite Wooly Bully Alpaca. You can also use our super soft 100% Peruvian Crazy Sexy Wool to knit up a Wool and the Gang classic like the Tartan Zion Lion.

Visit What’s New to shop our cool Purl Jam collection Knit Kits and don’t forget to drop in at our Wool School for other new woolly tricks and techniques.


  1. Hi, I’m kinda PO’d about this tutorial. I PURCHASED a pattern so I could find out the secret of the tartan pattern for the above cowl. I could have figured out the knitting pattern by looking at it. And here it is for free. I was going to buy another pattern but why bother. If I wait long enough it will be free.

    • Hi Clare, thanks for your note. Completely understand your point of view, when we launch a pattern we always ensure where possible that we also launch a video tutorial alongside it. One should support the other, the pattern includes the specifics for that design whereas the tutorial gives you further insights into the stitch technique. Using both usually helps our customers to achieve successful results! I hope this explains our approach a bit more, sorry to hear that you have been disappointed this time.

      The Gang

  2. What a beautiful technique. Thanks so much for posting this easy to follow tutorial. I can’t wait to try this out.

  3. It would be so nice if you post a video with a little bit more detailed technique on how to weave all these ends on No Doubt Warmer. And only if you had the pattern sold separately.

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