Hey Lil’ puss!

Here at WATG we are animal crazy so when Battersea Dogs & Cats asked us and the foxy feline mag ‘Puss Puss’ to help find orphan kitties new homes (we squealed with excitement.) We joined forces to raise awareness of all the amazing work Battersea is doing to rehome cats.

‘We aim to never turn away a dog or cat in need of our help, caring for them until their owners or loving new homes can be found, no matter how long it takes. We are champions for, and supporters of, vulnerable dogs and cats, determined to create lasting changes for animals in our society.’ - Battersea Dogs & Cats.

Launched and published by Maria Joudina-Robinson, PUSS PUSS is a new stylish publication for culture, fashion-, music- and cat lovers. You will find no naff cat outfits or cat food advice. Instead, beautiful photography, illustration, intelligent writing, interviews and more by established as well as up-and-coming creatives from around the globe. pusspussmagazine.com

Download your Free Mr Jingles Pattern and donate a mouse to a shelter near you. Click HERE.

UK Gangstas, you can also get involved by taking part in the new Battersea Knitting club. Knit up blankets and toys that kitties will go nuts for. Next one being Wednesday 12 November, from 5pm to 8pm. Find out more about Battersea and its new knitting club with cats here:

“Knitters and kittens were woven together at Battersea’s first knitting club last week, and we would like to say a huge thank you to Wool and The Gang for donating balls of wool and creating a special knitted mouse pattern for our club members. We had over 40 knitters at the first event and think our cats are going to be very cosy and warm with all their knitted donations this winter.” SuiLi Weight, Cattery Team Leader

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