Can I take my knitting needles on a plane?

OK Gang, it’s time to get set for vacation and chill out. Before you check in, check out our knit and crochet tips for long and short haul trips – guaranteed to reduce the cabin pressure.



We don’t know about you, but one of our top holiday stresses is always ‘Can I take my needles on the plane?’ You gotta have something to do when your flight’s delayed for four hours and you’ve spent all your remaining pesos in duty-free. Travelling without our needles or hooks would be like not packing a spare pair of panties in your handbag. But is it SAFE? Read on for our tips for mile-high knitting (and crochet!)…


Top tips for knitting and crocheting on the go

Always check the rules for the country you’re flying from AND to. The official agencies governing airline travel in the UK, US, Canada and Australia all explicitly state that you CAN carry knitting needles and crochet hooks on a aeroplane, although remember that this is still at the discretion of airport security. And be sure to check that your destination country feels the same way or it may mean a one-way trip for your knits and knots.

You’ll also need to check the policy of the airline(s) you’re flying with as the country may say YES, but the airline may say NO. Many do allow you to bring your needles or hooks on a plane but remember to print out the regulations from the airline’s website and take them with you to the airport – and also remember that it’s at the discretion of the person screening.


Carry smaller projects. Whole giant scarves might get get a bit annoying for your fellow travellers – plus they’ll eat up your carry-on allowance in no time!


Wooden or plastic hooks and needles tend to look less scary to security staff so you’re more likely to get them past airline security. Crochet is generally more portable and needs less elbow room. For this reason, if you’re gonna knit, circular needles are a good move unless you’re sitting in first or business class.


If you need to take something to cut your yarn, we recommend a pair of children’s craft scissors or even a pair of nail clippers. Small and non-threatening is the key, but as as rule, be sure the blades are less than six centimetres.


Show intent to knit/crochet. If you’ve already started your project, those hooks and needles are probably gonna look like a lot less of a flight risk! If you haven’t already cast on, pack needles and hooks in a way that doesn’t look imposing. For example, you could pack them in with pencils/pens or with your yarn to show that you’re a knitter and you won’t cause any trouble.


The bottom line is that if the airport or airline says NO, you can’t do much about it. Carry some scrap yarn and a darning needle with you just in case you get your needles or hooks confiscated. This way you can transfer your stitches and you won’t lose your work.


If your knitting needles or crochet hooks ARE confiscated then don’t worry – we ship worldwide. Plus we have some great stockists across the globe so if you get in a pickle, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to recommend a yarn store.


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Happy Summer Holiday to ya, Gang!


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