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All our #madeunique Treehugger Warmers

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    • Jog Grey
    Product description

    Hand knitted in Peru and made with 100% Pima Cotton, these snuggly Treehugger Warmers are cool to wear and multifunctional. Three items in one – wear them on your arms, your feet or around your wrists!

    One size fits most.

    our Peruvian Gang portrait #madeunique by our Peruvian Gang

    We believe in exceptional design that's made unique, never mass-produced from a factory. This item has been hand crafted entirely by a Peruvian artisan, based in the outskirts of Lima. This job enables them to hand craft from home-based workshops using domestic knitting machines. It takes a bit longer to produce fashion this way, but great things take time.

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  • Treehugger by our Peruvian Gang

    by our Peruvian Gang

Create your own knit kit

Treehugger Warmers

Level Easy Knit Kit

$21.50 $19.00
  1. Choose the colour of your warmers

    Shiny Happy Cotton

    • Coral Crush

      Coral Crush

    • Purple Haze

      Purple Haze

    • Magic Mint

      Magic Mint

    • Eagle Grey

      Eagle Grey

    • Land Of Oz

      Land Of Oz

    • Timber Wolf

      Timber Wolf

    • Hot Pink

      Hot Pink

    • Sahara Dust

      Sahara Dust

    • Ivory White

      Ivory White

    • White Noise

      White Noise

    • Vitamin C

      Vitamin C

    • Army Green

      Army Green

    • Naked Blue

      Naked Blue

    • Spearmint Green

      Spearmint Green

    • Yellow Mellow

      Yellow Mellow

    • Cinder Black

      Cinder Black

    • Brick Red

      Brick Red

    • Nude Pink

      Nude Pink

    • Yellow Brick Road

      Yellow Brick Road

    • Jog Grey

      Jog Grey

    • Lipstick Red

      Lipstick Red

    • Ultra Violet

      Ultra Violet

    • True Blue

      True Blue

    • Midnight Blue

      Midnight Blue

    • Golden Yellow

      Golden Yellow

  2. Do you need knitting needles? (Optional)

    Rosewood Knitting Needles

Kit content

1 x Ball of Shiny Happy Cotton

1 x Treehugger Warmers Pattern

1 x Sewing Needle

We just can't get enough of these snuggly Treehugger Warmers. You'll find these really easy to knit. Three items in one – wear them on your arms, your feet or around your wrists!

Knit using our 100% Shiny Happy Cotton,

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